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Title: Life Mask of Stephen A. Douglas

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Name: Volk, Leonard Wells
Dates: 1828-1895
Role: Sculptor

Genre of Resource: life masks
Genre of Resource: casts (sculpture)
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Abstract: This is a life mask of Stephen A. Douglas created by Leonard Volk in 1857. Douglas, who was related to Volk by marriage, sent him to Rome in 1856 to perfect his craft. Upon Volk's return in 1857, he made a life mask of Douglas.
Subject (Personal Name): Douglas, Stephen Arnold (1813-1861)
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Date Created: 1857 (approximate)
Type of Resource:
three dimensional resource
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Form: art original


Physical Location: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Library. Rare Book Room

Identifier (URL): http://images.library.uiuc.edu:8081/u?/tdc,252
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