type: PhysicalObject

identifier: Stone Tool: Projectile Point (1998.19.xxxx)

subject: Science and Technology T&E : Armament-Edged : Hardin Barbed (10 ct), Belknap point (4 ct), Late Archaic Barbed point (3 ct), Godar/Osceola point (2 ct); Matanzas-like point (6 ct); Kramer point (6 ct); Prairie Lake point (1 ct); Snyder-Affinis point (1 ct); Motley point (2 ct); indeterminate, (4 ct); indeterminate (1 ct)

coverage: America, North, United States, Missouri - St. Louis County

coverage: Early Archaic, Archaic, Middle Archaic, Middle/Late Archaic, Late Archaic to Middle Woodland, Middle Woodland

format: Length , Width , Depth

description: Stone--Chert, Flaking, waived

description: 4/12/2005: Dr. Michael Wiant, Director of Dickson Mounds, came to look at the Museum's stone tools on 4/11/2005. This is what he had to say about this artifact: "A) Chipped stone, expanding stem, Early Archaic, Hardin Barbed point (10 ct). B) Chipped stone, contracting stem, Late Archaic to Middle Woodland, Belknap point (4 ct); C) Chipped stone, corner-notched, Late Archaic, Late Archaic Barbed point (3 ct); D) Chipped stone, side-notched, Middle/Late Archaic, Godar/Osceola point (2 ct); E) Chipped stone, side-notched, Archaic, Matanzas-like point (6 ct); F) Chipped stone, stemmed, Late Archaic, Kramer point (6 ct); G) Chipped stone, stemmed, Late Archaic, Prairie Lake point (1 ct); H) Chipped stone, corner-notched, Middle Woodland, Snyder-Affinis point (1 ct); I) Chipped stone, stemmed, Late Archaic, Motley point (2 ct); J) Chipped stone, stemmed, Archaic, type indeterminate, (4 ct); K) Chipped stone, side-notched, Middle Archaic, type indeterminate (1 ct)."

contributor: Museum of Natural History, UIUC

source: Reproduction: No