Session 5

Users, Diversity, and Change

Tuesday, October 31, 1995


Chip Bruce, Understanding the Response of Readers in the Digital Library
Brenda Dervin, The Relationship of User-Centered Evaluation to Design: Addressing Issues of Productivity and Power

Discussion Documents:

Andrew Clement, Bringing All the 'Users' to the Centre
Lisa Covi, Evaluation of Digital Library Use: How can we understand how contributors create and use scholarly communication?
Thomas Finholt, Evaluation of electronic work: Research on collaboratories at the University of Michigan
Thomas Hickey, Constraints on the Design of Information Systems
Bruce Lambert
Cathy Marshall, Who are the users and what are they doing in the library?

Related Materials:

Brenda Dervin, Chaos, Order, and Sense-Making: A Proposed Theory for Information Design

Session 5 Discussion notes