Libraries, People, and Change: A Research Forum on Digital Libraries
38th Allerton Institute
October 27-29, 1996
Allerton Park and Conference Center
Monticello, IL

Sponsored by:

The Graduate School of Library and Information Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The National Science Foundation


Ann Peterson Bishop, University of Illinois
David M. Levy, Xerox PARC

Steering Committee:

William L. Anderson, Xerox Corporation
Christine L. Borgman, UCLA
Barbara P. Buttenfield, University of Colorado
Edward A. Fox, Virginia Tech (VPI&SU)
Rob Kling, Indiana University
Gary Marchionini, University of Maryland
Susan Leigh Star, University of Illinois


The purpose of Allerton '96 is to bring together people from various disciplines who have been involved in research and practice related to how people use digital libraries (DLs). Our intent is provide an informal and convivial environment that will help nurture this emerging community. A particular focus is understanding the contributions and implications of applying different theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches from the social sciences to DL research. Emphasis throughout will be on relating research approaches to important research questions and findings, and on the role of, and interactions among, people involved in creating and using DLs.

Allerton '96 builds upon a similar event that was held last fall. For more information about our activities last year, visit the Institute's website (http://edfu.lis.uiuc.edu/allerton/95/).

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