Project Title:
Geontology of the Global Midwest

Project Description:
Our proposed research (a) interrogates the biophysical, social-spatial, political, economic, aesthetic, and narrative assumptions built into the concept of the Anthropocene; and (b) advances site-specific and transductive methods for interrogating the Anthropocene’s specific geo-social formations, or geontologies, in the Global Midwest. We are keenly interested in the importance of Williston, North Dakota, as a site which challenges the generality of the Anthropocene concept. At the same time, the magnitude of the Bakken oil field, as well as expanding forms of energy extraction throughout the Midwest, offer ideal opportunities to illustrate the new global impact and importance of the region.

Organizers' Information:
Mat Coleman (Geography, Ohio State University), Thomas Davis (English,Ohio State University), Mary Thomas (WGSS, Ohio State University), Max D. Woodworth (Geography, Ohio State University)