Project Title: Global Detroit: Mutations of Urbanism in the 21st Century

Project Description:

This photo-documentary project comparatively examines urban ruinscapes and marginalization in cities in the Midwest and East Asia. Choosing Detroit, Harbin (north China), and Taipei as fieldwork sites, we investigate the uneven pattern of development and urban marginality in these different post-industrial cities. We aim to debunk the myth that Detroit is unique, and therefore, incomparable and inexplicable. With critical essays and powerful photography, we document the global urban ruinscapes in both advanced and emerging economies and map the mutations of urbanism in the 21st century.

Organizer Name: Xuefei Ren & Tze-Lan Sang (Michigan State University)

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Organizer's Departmental and University Affiliation: Dept. of Sociology & Global Urban Studies; Dept. of Language and Linguistics