List of Global Midwest Projects

Below is a list of registered projects for The Global Midwest initiative. If you do not see your project below please view the page on how to use this wiki, under the "Registering your project" section.
  1. African Immigrants & the Global Midwest
  2. Asian American Midwest
  3. Chinese Vernacular Culture in the Global Midwest
  4. Collaborative Collection of Chicago's Community Histories
  5. Communities of the Global Midwest - A Linguistic-Comparative Study
  6. Cultivating Landscapes- Midwestern Farming and Mexican Cornfields
  7. Deconstructing the Midwest’s Agricultural Vision
  8. Education and Literacies Across the Generations
  9. Experimental cartography – mapping Superfund Sites as social practice
  10. From Old Northwest Territory to New Entrepreneurial State
  11. Geontology of the Global Midwest
  12. Global Detroit--Mutations of Urbanism in the 21st Century
  13. Global Midwest through Animal Lives
  14. Global Poetry
  15. Global Work and Community in the Midwest
  16. Great Lakes Digital Collections Aggregator
  17. Historicizing Place and Space - The Global MW before 1920
  18. Latina-o Midwest
  19. Living with Waste--New Global Economies in the Midwest
  20. Local-Global Storytelling, Art, and Performance
  21. Mapping the Plays of Szczesny Zahajkiewicz, Polish Chicago Playwright
  22. Midwest Media
  23. Midwest Soundlab and Network for Sound Studies
  24. Midwestern Voices, Midwestern Vision
  25. Modernism and Disability
  26. Modernity and Regionalism in Midwest Dance
  27. Multilingual Midwest
  28. Narrative, Healthcare and Healing
  29. Pathways to Linguistic Success
  30. Performing the Middle Ages
  31. Poetry and Print Culture Digital Archive
  32. Prairie Schools
  33. Prehistoric Crossroads
  34. Race, Indigeneity, and Diasporas
  35. Re-Imagining the Global Midwest -- Relocation, Rehabilitation, and Reclamation
  36. Renaissance Books, Midwestern Libraries
  37. Scholars Connecting with American Indian Communities and Tribes
  38. Storytelling in the Global Midwest
  39. The Global Importance of Midwestern Heritage Languages
  40. The Global Midwest - A History of World Music Recording
  41. The Great Lakes- Global Water and International Boundaries
  42. The Linkages of Midwestern and African Universities
  43. The Midwaste - Residual Geographies
  44. The Midwest Heritage Language Network
  45. The Midwestern Borderland
  46. The Religious Soundmap Project
  47. there there- an online journal of contemporary art
  48. Trans-displacements -- Migration, Gentrification and Citizenship
  49. Vernaculars of the Global Midwest
  50. Vulnerability and Resourcefulness in the Global Midwest