Project Title:
Vulnerability and Resourcefulness in the Global Midwest

Project Description:
This project seeks to explore what we see as the Grand Challenge of the Global Midwest: to reduce the vulnerability and increase the resourcefulness of ecosystems and communities in the Midwest and globally that have been negatively affected by the extractive industries and industrial agriculture in the Midwest. The project currently has research clusters on:
  • Religion, Philosophy, and the Environment
  • Food and Society
  • Water in the Mississippi River Basin
  • Fracking and the Anthropocene

Funding is supporting two workshops in summer 2014, an institute and a symposium in 2015, travel to study sites, and several planning meetings.

Co-core investigators at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, are:
  • Bruce Braun, Professor, Department of Geography, Environment and Society
  • Valentine Cadieux, Research Associate, Departments of Sociology and Geography, Society & Environment
  • Kate Derickson, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Environment and Society
  • Tracey Deutsch, Associate Professor, Department of History
  • Jeanne Kilde, Director, Religious Studies Program
  • Charlotte Melin, Professor, Department of German, Scandanavian & Dutch
  • Pat Nunnally, Coordinator, River Life, Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Dan Philippon, Associate Professor, Department of English
  • Matthew Tucker, Assistant Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture

Organizer Name:
Dan Philippon

Organizer's Contact Information:

Organizer's Departmental and University Affiliation:
Department of English, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities