Summary of the hired help for each year, 1931-1940

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The monthly hired hands, who lived with Carl and Evelyn and were provided room and board as part of the arrangement, are named for each year.  Sometimes more than one hired man was employed when one or two had to quit during the year. The “Extra help” are the men hired by the day to work when additional “hands” were needed.  The number of “extra help” men hired during the year and the total days worked are given for each year.  Salaries of the “extra help” varied, depending on the type of work involved.  Most ranged from $.75/day (in early years) to $3.00/day (later years).  For most of the years the wages were $1.00/day.  The names of the “Extra help” workers, the actual days worked, and their wages are available in the scanned ledger pages.

Gerald Getz 1 May-15 July; 1-30 November ($30/month)
No extra help

Total wages: $143.75


Wallace Horn, 1 April-2 July ($20/month)
Gerald Getz, 12 August-17 November ($20/month)
Extra help:
1, 5 days

Total wages: $126.87


Andrew Cox, 27 March-17 April ($20/month)
Joe Cox, 17 April-28 June ($20/month)
Gerald McGuire, 1 July-1 October ($20/month)
Extra help:
9, 44 days

Total wages: $165.04


Gerald Getz, 9 March-9-June ($20/month)
Joe Brooks, 10 June-10 September ($20/month)
Extra help
11, 51 days

Total wages: $193.75


Joe Brooks, 29 April-2 November ($25/month)
Extra help
17, 85 days

Total wages: $296.40


Joe Brooks, 20 April-8 October ($26/month)
Extra help
6, 29 days

Total wages: $233.37


Joe Brooks, 22 March-5 November ($26/month)
Extra help
9, 68 days

Total wages: $331.10


James Brooks, 21 March-29 October ($26/month)
Extra help
12, 61 days

Total wages: $335.35


James Brooks, 6 March-21 October ($26/month)
Extra help
10, 54 days

Total wages: $279.82


George Pitman, 15 April-22 June ($30/month)
Eldon Brooks, 8 July-14 September ($30/month)
Extra help
7, 50 days

Total wages: $233.67

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