Data analysis for everyone - no coding required.

Working with data can be hard. We understand.

This is the first system every built that enables full-fledged, voice-based programming using natural language. Powered by Wolfram|Alpha, inbuilt with numerous functions that use machine learning to smartly import data, find patterns, format results, and more!

First-Class Features

By leveraging the power of the Google Cloud Speech API, we are able to take advantage of machine learning, allowing you to have a better experience every time.

More About Google Speech

Even More

Makes everybody a data scientist
If you know how to talk or write, then you’re now a programmer and a data scientist!
Teaches progamming to kids and adults
Say what you want to do and see the code required to do it, along with the output.
Improves accessibility
Voice input helps folks with physical disabilities develop code and analyze data more easily. Audio based input and output supports 103 languages.
Preloaded with Champaign-Urbana datasets
Smart input of any data
Our smart import, powered by the Wolfram Language, can automatically upload most types of datasets while recognizing their formatting and headers, using machine learning. This also preserves physical units within the datasets and automatically converts and combines units during later operations.
Intelligent, error-correcting natural language input
Even if you misspell some words or say something in a different way, our text recognition and spell checking algorithms will correct your spelling for you and figure out what you intended to do.
Routinely updated with new features and commands
Thousands of different operations are already recognized. We are working hard on adding more and more everyday.
High performance cloud computing
Analyze huge data sets through a browser on any device traditionally unable to perform intesne computation, such as Chromebooks, Raspberry Pis or even your cell phones!

Let's Go!

Upload a data set and simply type or say something like "plot column 2 vs column 3 from bike crashes.csv", or pick from a list of curated data and we'll handle the rest!


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