Meet the AI team!

Mark McCarthy, a man with a goatee wearing a black beanie and black rimmed glasses smiling. He is sitting in a wheelchair.

Mark is a graduate student studying Information Architecture with the School of Information Sciences. He's our lead web designer and debugger. Fortunately for us, that covers web accessibility as well!

Matt Arensdorf, a man wearing glasses, a red tie and white button up shirt smiling into the camera. He has short black hair, and is sitting in a wheelchair.

Matt is undergraduate studying Computer Science, aiming to go into animation and design. He's our lead web developer, and handled much of the JavaScript work and embedding the map. He also handled fine tuning the latitude and longitude (by hand!) for each of the accessibility map overlays.

Emily Chen, a woman wearing black glasses, a pink cardiga, and white undershirt smiling into the camera. She has long black hair and is sitting in an office chair, holding a mouse in her right hand a pair of headphones in the left.

Emily is a PhD student studying Computational Linguistics and Computer Science. Our lead researcher and tester, Emily provided invaluable info by creating the tour and pin functionality of our maps, as well as providing troubleshooting and technical support to the team.