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  • BKRHET105 (2010)
    The technology gap, also known as the digital divide is a growing number of people who have not been exposed to a computer or the internet and lack the necessary skills in order to be successful in today's technology driven ...


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  • Alkalimat, Abdul (2012)
    UC2B, the Urbana Champaign Big Broadband project, plans to help our community more than just putting pipes in the ground or to our houses. We passed a community benefit fund resolution. Here are excerpts: A POLICY TO ...


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  • Lueg, Christopher P.; Huang, Jeff; Twidale, Michael B. (2007-03)
    In order to protect email users from receiving unsolicited commercial email or spam, anti-spam measures building on technologies, such as filters and block lists, have been deployed widely. However, there is some evidence ...


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  • Bruce, Bertram C. (Peter Lang, 2002)
    Rapid technological change; social barriers breaking and re-forming; large scale immigration leading to a multicultural society; globalization of the economy; questions about the future of democracy; and major changes in ...


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  • Bishop, Ann Peterson; Bruce, Bertram C. (2002)
    Digital library usability research often does little to develop the capacity of users or improve social outcomes associated with use. These research consequences, however, are important when users represent marginalized ...


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  • Irish, Sharon; LoDolce, Kristin; Rodgers, Susan (Community Informatics Initiative, 2008-09)
    Table of Contents: Campus-wide CII projects receive seed funds, GSLIS Dean John Unsworth refects on CII, New student group focuses on CI, gets active in community, Black Studies in the Digital Age, Teen Tech Team in ...


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