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  • Fesehaye, Debessay; Pengye Xia; P. Brighten Godfrey; Klara Nahrstedt; Steven S. Lumetta (2012-03-24)
    The transmission control protocol (TCP) is the major trans- port layer protocol in the Internet today. TCP and its vari- ants have the drawback of not knowing the explicit rate share of flows at bottleneck links. The ...
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  • Fesehaye, Debessay; Nahrstedt, Klara (2010)
    Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks have proven to be increasing threats to our digital world. There are many approaches for trying to deal with these threats. With significant overhead and computational ...
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  • Fesehaye, Debessay; Ahmed, Shameem; Pongthawornkamol, Thadpong; Nahrstedt, Klara; Wang, Guijun (2011-03-23)
    The need for deadline-sensitive messaging systems is growing fast with the growth in the number of mobile and static devices communicating with each other. With many such devices from different locations exchanging ...
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  • Fesehaye, Debessay (2012-11-15)
    In this paper we discuss a preliminary material describing the design of an efficient large scale distributed file system for data centre networks (cloud computing).
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  • Fesehaye, Debessay; Malik, Rahul; Nahrstedt, Klara (2010-03-16)
    Large scale distributed systems such as cloud computing applications are becoming very common. These applications come with increasing challenges on how to transfer and where to store and compute data. The most prevalent ...
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  • Fesehaye, Debessay (2013-01-17)
    With the fast growth of (online) content and the need for high quality content services, cloud data centers are increasingly becoming the preferred places to store data and retrieve it from. With a highly variable network ...
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  • Fesehaye, Debessay (2012-06-08)
    The transmission control protocol (TCP) is the major trans- port protocol in the Internet. TCP and its variants have the drawback of not accurately knowing rate share of flows at bottleneck links. Other protocols proposed ...
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  • Fesehaye, Debessay (2013-05-05)
    Major distributed systems such as the Internet, datacenter and hybrid P2P networks share a common known challenge of finding an optimal path to transfer content from a source to a destination and the optimal rate at which ...
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