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  • EPS 500_06-01 (2006-12-15)
    This project aims to answer the following questions: 1) What is the historical background of the Central Black Student Union (CBSU)? 2) Does CBSU still perform the same functions and hold fast to the same traditions and ...
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  • Mills, Harlow B.; Bennett, George W.; Decker, George C.; Scott, Thomas G.; Ross, Herbert H.; Ayars, James S.; Carter, J. Cedric; Warrick, Ruth R.; East, Bessie B. (Champaign : Illinois Natural History Survey, 1958-12)
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  • Heinzel, Sally (2014-05)
    During the Civil War, Illinois soldiers could not legally vote while deployed.Undeterred, some troops conducted their own polling. These ballots from the First Illinois Light Artillery demonstrate the ingenuity of soldiers ...
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  • Roof, David J. (2011-08-25)
    This work examines how science used the abnormal to reconfigure the basis of human intelligence and linked thought to identity. This includes the belief that we inherit intellectual traits the same as physical characteristics. ...
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  • KIN 494_S06-02 (2006-05-15)
    This project describes the professional life of Dr. Laura J. Huelster (born in 1906). On the basis of archival information and interviews, the results shows that Huelster graduated from the University of Illinois with a ...
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  • Bardeen, John (Dept. of Physics. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1979)
    Based upon a talk given by Professor John Bardeen at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student branch of the IEEE [...] on February 28, 1979, in Altgeld Hall"
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  • Puracchio, Louis (2007-05-15)
    This project seeks to examine the root of elitist and anti-semitic views that were expressed by many athletes involved in the Olympic revival.
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  • Thornhill, Anthony (2007-05-15)
    This project explores the history of great football players, focusing on linebackers. In this pursuit, the author will investigate the accompanying use and history of the helmet, discussing why stickers are placed on the ...
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  • Easey, Kathryn (2006-05-15)
    This project describes the context of the women’s telegraphic varsity swim team in 1935. The author conducted archival research and argues that, since money was scarce in the 1930’s because of the stalk market crash and ...
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  • KIN 494_S06-01 (2006-05-15)
    This project traces the biographical career of one of the first Illinois track and field athletes Harry Osborn to illustrate the evolvement and eventual decline of amateurism in sports. On the basis of archival research, ...
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  • UP 199_06-01; UP 199_06-02; UP 199_06-03 (2006-12-15)
    This project chronicles the historical formation of Champaign Urbana from the time of the early Native American tribes to present. The authors sought to better understand key factors in the shaping of the built environment ...
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  • Murchie, Maureen C. (2011-01-14)
    The Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra began in 1973 as the Miyagi Philharmonic Orchestra, an amateur-based community orchestra in the city of Sendai, at that time Japan’s twelfth largest city. Nearly forty years since its ...
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  • Bolton, Kristin (2006-05-15)
    This project describes the history of the Department of Kinesiology, starting with the establishment of the Department of Physical Education for Women (established in the mid-1970s) and the Department of Physical Education ...
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  • ENGL27407-01; ENGL27407-03 (2007-05-15)
    This project explores married life at the university during the 1920s. The authors seek to answer the following questions: What was married life like at the university in the 1920s? What were the university rules about ...
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  • Mogged, Ashley (2006-05-15)
    This study investigates the history of wheelchair basketball that started during World War II and looks at the role of the media and the context of war in its growing popularity. On the basis of internet and archival ...
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  • Schonert, Jonathan (2006-05-15)
    This project investigates the history of the intramural program at the University of Illinois. On the basis of internet and archival research (including intramural programs, handbooks, and guides) and interviews, the study ...
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  • Liu, Xin (2014-05-09)
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  • Weller, Morgan (2008)
    My research methods were to get as much info from current students as from alumni. I wanted to ask them questions that would prompt emotional responses. I asked them all the same questions. I also wanted to do it in a ...
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  • Becker, Bryan; Contrades, Jonathan (2010-10-14)
    Back from a brief hiatus of six months, Live From Gregory Hall returns in signature form discussing history as the memorization of dates. In a controversial moment, the duo also talk about the end of German reparation ...
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  • Cahalan, Bridget N.; Courtney, Megan E.; Hanna, Andrew C. (2011-10-22)
    Thesis: Modern History is important... eventually.
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