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  • AKSP10AAS258 (2010)
    The question that I am researching is how the news has changed American opinion on Muslims and if they have a double standard. I will be mostly concentrating on the time period after 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan and ...


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  • Shahid, Hasan (2010-08-31)
    This paper will address questions of identity that male Muslim converts in São Paulo, Brazil face after adopting Islam. Specifically, it will analyze how they place their religion into notions of what it means to be ...


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  • RHET102L1-02 (2008)
    This paper will be dealing with religion on campus and the university. It will specifically deal with if students that were raised in a religious family go off to college, and if they still go to church. It will also ...


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  • O'dowd, Katherine (2012-05-22)
    A famous EU slogan claims that the supra-nation is “united in diversity,” but there exists a tension between this idea of an inclusive, diverse, cosmopolitan European identity and the lack of representation that Europe’s ...


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