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  • Edquilang, Ron; Holan, Katerina; Spencer, Ahlivia (2013-05)
    Poster Presentation for EUI Spring 2013 Student Conference, examining the use of online learning software and e-books in UIUC classes.
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    Agyeman, Emily; Areoniga, Isabel; Hoppenrath, Ammie (2013-05)
    Our video project, entitled "LGBT@UIUC," deals with the issue of sexual identity on campus and the trials and tribulations faced by the members of the LGBT community attempting to deal with what these labels for sexuality ...
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  • Miller, Michael K (2102-10-10)
    Hello again everybody! Welcome to the "Live From Gregory Hall" podcast, Episode VI Part I. In this episode I, Michael Kirkpatrick Miller, talk with Drew Hanna and Ned Rooney about the first Presidential Debate. We discuss ...
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  • Miller, Michael K (2012-10-10)
    Hi! Welcome back to "Live From Gregory Hall" Episode VI Part II. In the second part of our debate podcast, we ask Ned and Drew to predict the future of the presidential race, along with learning who exactly they are. As ...
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  • Miller, Michael K (2013-03-24)
    In Episode XI of the "Live From Gregory Hall" Podcast, I (Michael K. Miller) talk with our famed producer, Ian Adams! Ian and I discuss movies and history and oral history and just awesome stuff throughout. We recorded ...
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  • Anonymous (2012-01)
    Something that makes the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign more unique than some schools in the United States is that it consists of a very diverse student body. One example of this is that there are several ...
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  • Cui, Weiqi (2013-01)
    Chris Vecoli is an Illinois native raised during the time in the Vietnam War. After getting in touch with various cultures and international groups, Chris decided to work as a professor in Parkland College and continue his ...
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  • Kaiser, Andrew (2013-01)
    Curt Phelps was born on January 16, 1960, on a small farm outside of Joliet, Illinois. He attended Joliet West High School, where most of his time revolved around wrestling. Since Curt grew up in a small town he did not ...
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  • Bangert, Dawn (2013-01)
    Jeff Machota (1966-Present) grew up in Cicero, Illinois with three goals: to get out of Cicero, to learn, and to stay out of the military. Machota accomplished all of these goals and became an active resident of Allen Hall ...
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  • Schwartz, Olivia (2013-01)
    Joseph Rank was born in Urbana, Illinois and attended the University of Illinois between the years of 1965-1969. Upon graduation, Rank enlisted in the navy where he spent time fighting in the Vietnam War. He returned to ...
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  • Zak, Kyle (2013-01)
    Born on February 19th 1972, Kevin BowerSox-Johnson is the President of the Urbana Champaign LGBT community center (referred to as the UP center for short). His experiences as an openly gay graduate student at the University ...
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  • Park, Hannah (2013-01)
    Ki Dong Lee grew up in Korea and came to UIUC in 1971 as a graduate student. He earned his PhD degree in 1976 and returned to the campus in 1985 as a professor. During his tenure at U of I, he has witnessed the changes in ...
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  • Kirkegaard, Dana (2013-01)
    Lisa Dixon was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois by her single mother. Throughout her early years of education she was very dedicated to her schoolwork and was an avid reader. After high school she attended the ...
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  • Cui, Weiqi (2013-01)
    Professor Weissman started as a faculty member of this campus and was involved heavily in the anti-Starwars movement, an initiative proposed by President Reagan to build counter-missile missiles to shoot down enemy nukes. ...
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  • Zak, Kyle (2013-01)
    Since 1992 Pat Morey has been the director of the Women's Resource Center at the University of Illinois, where she continues to work today. She has worked at UIUC for twenty-four years. Before that, Pat Morey lead the ...
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  • Rooke, Jeffery (2013-01)
    Thomas Schroeder grew up in River Grove, Illinois and went to East Lane High school before coming to the University of Illinois. He attended the University from 1976-1980 as a Finance/ Music major that who had little to ...
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  • Doil, Joshua T. (2013-01)
    Veronica Kann, Interim Director (and current Assistant Director) of La Casa, is an anthropologist who joined the La Casa staff in the early 90’s. During this period, La Casa and the LLS programs were struggling to identify ...
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  • Rooke, Jeffrey (2013-01)
    Willard Broom grew up in several small towns in southern Illinois, the primary being Greenville, and was the 4th of 5 boys, of which his older 3 brothers attended the University before him. Mr. Broom attended UIUC from ...
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  • Schwartz, Olivia (2013-01)
    William Peterson was born in Harvard, Illinois in December of 1947, and attended the University of Illinois in 1965. Peterson attended the University as a history major, and upon receiving his draft notice, decided to ...
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  • Cohen, Ariella; Diabate, Fatima; Smith, Shaunette (2013-05)
    For our video project, we interviewed different LGBT students about social spaces where they feel comfortable or uncomfortable. We also asked about different LGBT events that happen around campus and how they feel about them.
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