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  • Rooke, Jeffrey (2013-01)
    Willard Broom grew up in several small towns in southern Illinois, the primary being Greenville, and was the 4th of 5 boys, of which his older 3 brothers attended the University before him. Mr. Broom attended UIUC from ...
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  • Schwartz, Olivia (2013-01)
    William Peterson was born in Harvard, Illinois in December of 1947, and attended the University of Illinois in 1965. Peterson attended the University as a history major, and upon receiving his draft notice, decided to ...
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  • Cohen, Ariella; Diabate, Fatima; Smith, Shaunette (2013-05)
    For our video project, we interviewed different LGBT students about social spaces where they feel comfortable or uncomfortable. We also asked about different LGBT events that happen around campus and how they feel about them.
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  • Kubiak, Mike; Nixon, Chris; Sapp, Emily (2013-05)
    For our video research project, we wanted to discover and identify different forms of discrimination against the physically disabled on the U of I campus. We interviewed four members of the wheelchair basketball team on ...
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  • Defreitas, Madeleine; Esco, Normandie; Giovanazzi, Andrew (2013-05)
    For our video research project, we chose to examine the racial composition of the Greek system at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Amongst concerns of an increasingly segregated community, we felt it would be ...
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  • Cadney, Shanita (2013-05)
    As UIUC boasts itself as "The most diverse Big Ten University," I sought to question how this level of diversity filtered down into the individual schools here, specifically the School of Music. While the reading the website ...
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  • Hale, Chelsea; Meyers, Amanda (2011-08)
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  • Cox, Kevin; Crouse, Cody; Goldberg, Adam; Heumann, Jacob; Kim, Daham; Moraes, Sharon (2011-08)
    College students have enough to worry about; they have to manage a social life, maintain a good GPA, and try to fit in some exercise here and there. Clearly, students don't have time to worry about whether or not they are ...
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  • Guthman, Ethan; Logothetis, Alec; Elisco, Scott; Winter; Adam (2012)
    Multimedia presentation at Ethnography of the University Initiative, Spring 2012 Student Conference.
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  • Tutt, Molly (2011-08)
    This research aims to collect and record experiences of students of budget cuts implemented at the University since 2008 (and the global financial crisis, which had an effect on state budgets and funding at the University ...
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  • Team 1 Students (2013-02-21)
    The Illinois DogEar app will be a tool that aggregates all the University’s available resources and allows students to easily and quickly access them from any location.
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  • Team 2 Students (2013-02-21)
    Stacks is the name of the Mobile Application proposed by Team 2 to help make students aware of resources available from the University Library.
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  • Team 3 Students (2013-02-21)
    StudyBuddy will make it easier for students to form study groups, use library resources, connect with each other, and encourage good study habits.
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  • Team 4 Students (2013-02-21)
    iStudy is a study optimization tool designed for students working alone or in groups. It allows users to find the optimal environment to be productive at library facilities.
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  • Team 5 Students (2013-02-21)
    This presentation proposes "My.Illinois", a mobile application to efficiently interact with libraries on the UIUC campus. The application is customizable to provide a user-friendly application to meet individual student needs.
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  • Team 6 Students (2013-02-21)
    The UIUC libraries hold an immense amount of resources and information. The proposed I+Library application will take advantage of this by allowing users to easily browse through the catalog databases, see upcoming events ...
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  • Kwiatkowski, Joseph (2012)
    John Butler grew up in LaGrange, Illinois which is a suburb of Chicago. He was a supporter of the war until he was a senior in high school. An outspoken individual in one of his classes caused him to think and question the ...
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  • Chen,Tammy; Meyer, Doug; Bernard, Richard; Kelly, Bonnie (2012)
    For the synthesis essay we went over all of our research that we have conducted this year on the topic of a recent smoking ban that has been proposed on campus. Our goal was to find a way to implement a successful smoking ...
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  • Anguiano, Megan; Block, Tarah; Failla, Ricky; Liu, Christopher; Milinkovic, Peter; Reiter, Danny; Schaub, Mike; Sohn, Jin Kon (2011)
    Our goals was to caputre Louise Freer's inspiration and illustrate how it transcends into modern day. We asked how has Louise Freer contributed to our University and society as a whole: What is she responsible for in the ...
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  • Rodgers, Susan (Community Informatics Initiative, 2009-03)
    Table of Contents: Darder to Deliver Keynote at Fifth Annual CIS Symposium, Introducing the 2009-2010 CII Fellows, C-U Community Organizes Around Broadband Issues, Professor Bishop Named University Scholar, The Launch of ...
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