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  • Defreitas, Madeleine; Esco, Normandie; Giovanazzi, Andrew (2013-05)
    For our video research project, we chose to examine the racial composition of the Greek system at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Amongst concerns of an increasingly segregated community, we felt it would be ...


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  • Rhet104C-01 (2008)
    Does racial segregation occur within the mens track and field team at the University of Illinois? If so when does it occur? From doing all of my research I found that in general racial segregation occurs only outside of ...


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  • Custer, Alexandra (2011-08)
    The purpose of this research is to analyze the different reasons for segregation on campus. This varies from the historical institutionalized segregation that has happened at the University of Illinois as well as students ...


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  • Rhet104C-02 (2008)
    The segregation among international students is based on nation. Similarly, Korean students get along with Korean students, Chinese with Chinese, Indian with Indian. To find why the reasons cause this, I did some researches ...


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  • Anonymous (2011-08)
    Our project examines how students segregate themselves, mainly corresponding to their group of friends. We drew correlations between this and where they live and whether or not these places are diverse. We surveyed a wide ...


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  • Liu, Tianyi (2010)
    The issue here is whether international students are living in a way of self-segregation and whether this way of living helps those to keep attached to their original culture. I interviewed an Asian American and an Asian ...


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  • Leone, William DeWayne (2012-05)
    This ethnographic project investigates how the comfort zones at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's LGBT Resource Center (aka "the Center") and at Thursgays (Murphy's Pub on Thursday nights) are able to exist ...


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