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  • Forber-Pratt, Anjali (2012-05-22)
    The author presents an autoethnographic account that captures the vulnerable moments, emotions and critical incidents to produce an evocative story about becoming a role model. Applying the theoretical lens of cultural ...
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  • Josh Hartnett (2008)
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  • KIN199F08; KIN199F08 (2008)
    How does a student athlete manage their time between the athletics and schoolwork?
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  • Droubie, Paul (2010-01-06)
    This dissertation explores the performance and consumption of a reinvented Japanese national identity surrounding the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics. This event marked an important psychological turning point for many Japanese, ...
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  • Rhet104C-01 (2008)
    Does racial segregation occur within the mens track and field team at the University of Illinois? If so when does it occur? From doing all of my research I found that in general racial segregation occurs only outside of ...
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  • Lindley, Keenan (2008)
    I find it interesting at what role the building plays on those inside of it. I want to look at and compare what is happening inside the Siebel Center and then a regular building such as Davenport Hall. I will be observing ...
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