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  • Fallis, Don (2009-02-28)
    In this paper, the serious problem of disinformation is discussed. It is argued that, in order to deal with this problem, we first need to understand exactly what disinformation is. The philosophical method of conceptual ...


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  • Fallis, Don (iSchools, 2014-03-01)
    Prototypical instances of disinformation include deceptive advertising (in business and in politics), government propaganda, doctored photographs, forged documents, fake maps, internet frauds, fake websites, and manipulated ...


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  • Mathiesen, Kay; Fallis, Don; Froelich, Thomas; Srinivasan, Ramesh; Doty, Philip; Lenhart, Laura R. (2009-02-08)
    We propose a roundtable discussion on the role of philosophers, and philosophical topics and methods, in the mission of the iSchools, including research, education, and outreach.


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  • Fallis, Don (Graduate School of Library and Information Science. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign., 2004)
    How can one verify the accuracy of recorded information (e.g., information found in books, newspapers, and on Web sites)? In this paper, I argue that work in the epistemology of testimony (especially that of philosophers ...


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