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  • Grady, Michael; Namachchivaya, Beth Sandore (2012-05-23)
    This presentation which was made to the University of Illinois Urbana campus IT Council group summarizes the key recommendations of the Campus Data Storage and Services Task Force.


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  • Grady, Michael; Namachchivaya, Beth Sandore (2011-11-09)
    The University of Illinois Campus Data Storage Task Force presented an update on its work at the November 9, 2011 IT Pro Forum in Champaign, Illinois. The update included a report of the results of a campus survey of data ...


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  • Grady, Michael; Namachchivaya, Beth Sandore (2012-03-09)
    The Task Force on Data StorageServices was charged with several responsibilities: surveying the local and peer institution practices around data storage and services, identifying unmet needs, and recommending both solutions ...


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  • Grady, Michael; Mischo, William H.; Sandore, Beth (2004-04-07)
    Since the University's establishment in 1867, its scholarly output has been issued primarily in print, and the University Library and Archives have been readily able to collect, preserve, and to provide access to that ...


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