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  • Nguyen, Lilly Uyen (2009-02-08)
    As the information technologies grows and the digital online spaces become increasingly popular places for social interaction, we are confronted with new forms of sociality, practice, and knowledge organization that ...


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  • Dean, Rebecca; Finn, Megan; Irani, Lilly; Lindtner, Silvia; Nguyen, Lilly Uyen; Patil, Sameer; Perkel, Dan; Sims, Christo (2009-02-08)
    We propose a roundtable discussion to report results of the first UC Information Studies Lab workshop and discuss implications with a broader audience. The workshop is conceived and organized by doctoral students for ...


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  • Zollers, Alla; Moore, Tony; Nguyen, Lilly Uyen; Russell, Terrell; Stutzman, Fred (2008-02-28)
    Social tagging has emerged as one of the most popular social software tools available online. Originating from, social tagging capabilities can now be found on a number of major music, news, video, and commercial ...


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  • Dean, Rebecca; Irani, Lilly; Lau, Andrew; Nguyen, Lilly Uyen; Pendse, Liladhar (2009-02-08)
    This panel will present several research efforts that sit at the intellectual convergence of post-colonial studies and information studies. Post-colonial studies provide a theoretical leveraging ground from which to ...


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