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  • Tsang, Ho Chuen (2008)
    My research project will be searching the possible segregation happens to Chinese students in campus. I will mainly focus on How’s Chinese students interracial friendship status, “What cause the segregation and prevent ...


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  • ANTH 285_06-06 (2006-12-15)
    This study explores the experiences of international students at ISU and how it shapes their view of friendships and the American culture. The student conducted eight interviews with seven international students from South ...


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  • Brown, Kyle (2006-12-15)
    This project examines the foundation of friendships among ISU college students and aims to answer the following questions: What type of dormitory layout is best suited to foster a sense of community and to develop friendships? ...


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  • Stutzman, Frederic (2008-02-28)
    Originally designed as a social network for college students, Facebook1 is a leading social network site at American colleges and universities, with high degrees of adoption and market penetration (Gross and Acquisti, ...


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