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  • AAS346 07-13 (2008-02-19)
    My research is focused on the interaction between Korean Twinkies and FOBs in the campus. From the reading and observations, I realized the lack of interaction between these two groups. Therefore, I decided to find out the ...


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  • Liu, Qiong (2015-04-29)
    Bacterial spot, caused by Xanthomonas cucurbitae, is an important disease on pumpkin and squash in the United States. To assess the occurrence of bacterial spot in pumpkin and winter squash fields in the North Central ...


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  • Ikram, Imran (2010)
    Interactions between Men and Women and Islam This paper defines the boundaries between men and women within the bounds of Islamic law and analyzes how these boundaries translate into Muslim-American daily life on the ...


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  • Novak, Wade (2008-02-20)
    My research was an attempt to explore the informal segregation present in undergraduate residence halls at UIUC. Over the course of my research I discovered that this picture is anything but simple. After finding out that ...


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