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  • Shreeves, Sarah L. (2008-09-24)


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  • Amiran, Eyal; Orr, Elaine; Unsworth, John (Greenwich, CT: JAI Press Inc., 1991)
    Electronic publishing, formerly an idea whose elegant utility one could only admire in the abstract, has in recent years become possible. Several electronic journals are now published regularly, in science, business ...


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  • LeJeune, Lorrie (Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1994)
    Scholarly publishing has changed as a result of a shrinking market for specialized materials, increased production costs, and advances in computer technology. Publishing on CD-ROM or on the Internet offers reduced production ...


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  • Osburn, Charles B. (Association of College and Research Libraries. American Library Association, 1989-05)


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  • Burbules, Nicholas C.; Bruce, Bertram C. (American Educational Research Association, 1995-11)
    The rapid spread of electronic mail, listservs, and bulletin boards operating over the Internet has already had marked effects on how scholars communicate ideas with one another.1 Beyond exchanging informal messages ...


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  • Braxton, Susan (2007-11-06)
    Presentation delivered to staff of the Illinois Natural History Survey on


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