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  • Dougan, Kirstin (2012-10)
    YouTube’s accessibility, ease of use, and depth of content are strong lures for music students. But do music teaching faculty and librarians encourage this and do they use it in their own research, teaching, and work? This ...


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  • Fedorov, Igor (2014-05-30)
    Since the advent of the Kinect camera, depth videos have become easily accessible to consumers and researchers, allowing a variety of complex classification tasks to be done more accurately and easily than with RGB videos. ...


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  • O'Connor, Brian C.; Anderson, Richard L.; McLeod, Patrick; McCotter, Melody J. (2010-02-03)
    How are we to get beyond the literary metaphor Augst asserts is central problem with film analysis? How are we to step outside the "shot" as the unit of analysis - the "shot" which Bonitzer claims is useless for analysis ...


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  • Community Informatics Initiative (Community Informatics Initiative, 2009-07)
    Table of Contents: New Horizons Media Initiative Builds New Campus Partnerships; Black Studies and Information Communication Technology; São Toméan Convergence; Scribbles of a CI Student, Inka Alasadé; Summer Research at ...


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