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  • Dominguez Sagarena, Francisco J. (2015-07-01)
    We create a program to simulate diffusion in random graphs. Specifically,we create a generalization of bootstrap percolation which incorporates any number of societies and an arbitrary weight matrix W. The code was created ...


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  • Forber-Pratt, Anjali (2012-05-22)
    The author presents an autoethnographic account that captures the vulnerable moments, emotions and critical incidents to produce an evocative story about becoming a role model. Applying the theoretical lens of cultural ...


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  • Picklesimer, Ellen (2008-02-19)
    After observations, interviews, and personal experiences, I was able to research and compare Asian American adoptees and second-generation Asian Americans and how their lives have shaped their identity. There were a variety ...


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  • Shin, Dong-Hee; Kim, Tae-Yang (iSchools, 2013-02)
    Smart TV, a new digital television service, has been rapidly developing, particularly in Korea. With the conceptual model of interactivity, this study empirically investigates the effects of perceived interactivity on the ...


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  • Rubleske, Joseph B. (2008-02-28)
    The recent surge of interest in web services has called attention to the increasingly intense competition between owners of the platforms on which these services run. Given that widely adopted operating systems and ...


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