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  • (2014-01-15)
    This is a summary of the 2014 Advancing Research Computing on Campuses (ARCC) Workshop. In this 2-day workshop, presenters and participants from academia, government, the IT industry, business, as well as engineering, ...
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  • I-CHASS 
    Simeone, Michael (2012-10-04)
    Presentation given by Michael Simeone at the Digital Humanities Symposium 2012 on Collaborative Research and advanced computing.
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  • Yen, John; Unsworth, John; Weiss, Martin; Giacobe, Nick; Reilly, Maeve; Hall, David; Stanton, Jeffrey M.; Shumaker, Wade; Marchionini, Gary; Maslowski, Tony (2010-02-03)
    In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the internet, DARPA launched the Network Challenge to explore issues related to social networking, collaboration, and trust. The iSchools viewed this as an excellent opportunity ...
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