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  • Alemzadeh, Homa; Iyer, Ravishankar K.; Kalbarczyk, Zbigniew; Raman, Jai (Coordinated Science Laboratory. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign., 2013-03)
    Incidents due to malfunctioning medical devices are a major cause of serious injury and death in the United States. During 2006–2011, 5,294 recalls and around 1.2 million adverse events were reported to the U.S. Food and ...


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  • Prabhakar, Pavithra (2011-08-25)
    With the advent of computers to control various physical processes, there has emerged a new class of systems which contain tight interactions between the "discrete" digital world and the "continuous" physical world. These ...


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  • Leannais, Elyse (2008-03-04)
    In this paper, I discuss the results of an ethnographic project about the effectiveness of the emergency telephones (blue lights) at Illinois State University (ISU). Using interviews with four students and the chief of ...


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  • Alemzadeh, Homa (2016-04-19)
    Advances in computing, networking, and sensing technologies have resulted in the ubiquitous deployment of medical cyber-physical systems in various clinical and personalized settings. The increasing complexity and connectivity ...


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  • El-Rayes, Khaled; Liu, Liang; El-Gohary, Nora; Abdelmohsen, Ahmed (Illinois Center for Transportation/Illinois Department of Transportation, 2014-01)
    This research project focused on assessing the effectiveness and essential role of flaggers and spotters in directing traffic for expressway and freeway work zones in Illinois with a posted speed limit greater than 40 ...


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  • Chai, Xinxin (2011-08-25)
    In this thesis, I propose a redesign of a newly demolished public housing project located at the north end of Cabrini Green neighborhood in Chicago. It is the former “William Green Homes”, notorious for crimes, physical ...


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  • Lee, Yun Young (2011-01-14)
    The advent of computerized medical devices has resulted in better accuracy and increased safety for patients and clinicians, yet medical accidents are still not uncommon. With the computerized medical devices and their ...


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  • Meyer, Emma (2008-03-04)
    In this paper, I discuss the results of an ethnographic project about the issues that affect residence halls’ safety at the Illinois State University. Using interviews with two resident assistants, one night operations ...


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  • Cox, Kevin; Crouse, Cody; Goldberg, Adam; Heumann, Jacob; Kim, Daham; Moraes, Sharon (2011-08)
    College students have enough to worry about; they have to manage a social life, maintain a good GPA, and try to fit in some exercise here and there. Clearly, students don't have time to worry about whether or not they are ...


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