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  • Donohue, Timothy G. (2008-06-04)
    Presentation on IDEALS and its policies and procedures around both Digital Preservation and Data Curation.


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  • Donohue, Timothy G. (2007-01-24)
    This poster gives an overview of a format conversion/migration tool built onto DSpace, which utilizes the API to perform bulk conversions of supported file formats. The poster also overviews how this tool ...


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  • Shreeves, Sarah L.; Teper, Thomas H.; Donohue, Timothy G.; Kaczmarek, Joanne S.; Lewis, Sue (2006-10)
    Ensuring that IDEALS is indeed worthy of the trust of the faculty, students, and staff of the institution requires careful and deliberate planning and ongoing attention to digital preservation. With this in mind, this white ...


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  • Donohue, Timothy G.; Shreeves, Sarah L.; Teper, Thomas H. (2007-10-12)
    Presentation on starting a digital preservation program at the Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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