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  • Witt, Steven (Penn State University Press, 2020)
    Drawing upon archival sources from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) and the Nicholas Murray Butler papers, this article situates postwar reconstruction of the library within the context of the wider ...


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  • Hinchliffe, Lisa Janicke; Hoag, Beth (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2020)
    Information literacy is an important component of exercising leadership and is critical in leadership development and education. This chapter explores the intersections of leadership development through collegiate ...


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  • Anderson, Bethany G.; Prom, Christopher J.; Hutchinson, James A.; Chandrashekhar, Anirudh; Michael, Brinna; Udhani, Shreya; Sammons, Mark; Dolski,Alex; Hamilton, Kevin; Kaushik, Saumye; Shrivastava, Meghna (2019-04-24)
    This White Paper discusses the Cybernetics Thought Collective (CTC) team’s specific work to digitize a select portion of archival materials; investigate and experiment with natural language processing, named entity extraction, ...


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  • Prom, Christopher J.; Rimkus, Kyle; Popp, Tracy (2019)


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  • Keralis, Spencer D.C. (Digital Frontiers, 2019-12)
    Non-sentient animals have appeared in the Star Wars universe in roles both integral and decorative since A New Hope premiered in 1977. From beasts of burden like the dewbacks and banthas of Tatooine and the Gungans’ kaadu, ...


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