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  • Hahn, James F.; Zitron, Lizz (2011-09)
    First-year undergraduate students frequently encounter navigation problems in locating known items in the library. This study follows students through the library collection after they have a call number in order to uncover ...


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  • Hahn, James F.; Morales, Alaina (2011-06)
    Many mobile map-based guidance systems heavily feature architecturally designed CAD maps for building guidance. While this is a logical first step, it would also seem to be only a starting place and not the preferred interface ...


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  • Hahn, James F.; Morales, Alaina (Elsevier, 2011-09)
    This research presents the results of a project that investigated how students use a library developed mobile app to locate books in the library. The study employed a methodology of formative evaluation so that the development ...


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