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Title:Application of an Interfacial Coupling Framework to the Modeling of Interfacial Damage in Multi-Constituent Materials
Author(s):Tuttle, Ian; Chen, Pinlei; Gajendran, Harishanker; Masud, Arif
Subject(s):Chemical curing
Mixture Theory
Interphase evolution
Stabilized method
Multi-constituent materials
Interfacial constitutive models
Abstract:This work contains analysis of directionally oriented material with heterogeneity across the spatial domain, between materials, and over time. Composite materials containing directional orientation have become a necessity in the domain of structural, mechanical, aerospace, and materials engineering disciplines. Because of inherent heterogeneity in these materials, thermomechanical curing processes that these materials undergo cause local deformations and damage to the overall integrity of the material. This document focuses on two methods: (i) mixture theory-based models and methods for evolving curing and thermal effects on the structural behavior of a fiber reinforced laminate structure, and (ii) stabilized interfacial method with return mapping algorithms to allow for damage evolution when undergoing large deformation. These two methods are collectively used to analyze fibrous and directionally oriented materials.
Issue Date:2018-04-30
Citation Info:FINAL REPORT, UTC-UIUC Contract: 16-S7415-03-C1, Date: April 20, 2018
Genre:Report (Grant or Annual)
Sponsor:UTC-UIUC Contract: 16-S7415-03-C1
Date Available in IDEALS:2018-08-12

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