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Title:Photoluminescene and SIMS investigation on the dynamics of native defects in zinc oxide
Author(s):Peng, Zhiyu
Advisor(s):Seebauer, Edmund G.
Department / Program:Chemical & Biomolecular Engr
Discipline:Chemical Engineering
Degree Granting Institution:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Subject(s):SIMS,Photoluminescence,Native Defects,Zinc Oxide
Abstract:The technological usefulness of metal oxide often depends upon the behaviors of the defects it contains. Even small differences in defects concentration and distribution will cause significant differences in the electric and optical properties of semiconductor. Defect engineering is aiming at control the semiconductors properties through defect manipulation. The technologies involve controlling defect behaviors by defects types, concentrations, mobility and special distribution. However, beside the Si based system, the applications of defect engineering are less popular. Controlling the bulk defects via surface chemical states is a relatively new area. Surface offers efficient pathways for point defects creation and annihilation. Due to the lower coordination of the surface atoms requiring less bond creation and breakage, the activation barrier for atoms next for near surface pathways are lower than bulk. The present work uses isotopic gas-solid exchange technology to discover the diffusion-reaction network of oxygen and zinc interstitial in ZnO single crystal. Simultaneous oxygen and zinc thermal injection through the polar Zn-terminated ZnO (0001) surface showed that the injection of Zni stagnate the Oi injection but not by simple site-blocking mechanism. Room temperature photoluminescence illustrate a new possible defect network that involve the non-excluded H2 in zinc oxide. Preliminary results show a possibility that the residual hydrogen in ZnO can play important roles in the green-red emission of ZnO single crystal. Accompany with SIMS profile, we believe Zni stagnate Oi diffusion by forming non-emissive intermediates.
Issue Date:2018-07-16
Rights Information:Copyright 2018 Zhiyu Peng
Date Available in IDEALS:2018-09-27
Date Deposited:2018-08

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