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Title:Feasibility of Knots to Reduce the Maximum Dynamic Arresting Load in Rope Systems
Author(s):Martin, Daniel A.; Boron, Kevin; Obstalecki, Mark; Kurath, Peter; Horn, Gavin P.
Life safety
Firefighting research
Life safety rope
Abstract:Impact loads to the human body due to falls from height can be mitigated by well-designed and characterized fall protection systems. While energy absorption methods using rope deformation and/or accessory components have previously been evaluated, the ability for simple knots tied in the system to alter impact loads has not been studied in detail. We quantify the effectiveness of various common knots to reduce dynamic loads in typical fall scenarios for which the systems are designed, and interpret this change in the context of rope strength reduction due to the knot. Knots are shown to significantly (45–60 %) reduce the quasistatic strength of rope when compared to a manufactured sewn-eye (40 %). A single exception to this outcome is with the quadruple overhand on a bite (30–35 %). Knots significantly reduce the maximum arresting load due to a dynamic impact event when compared to ropes without knots, providing significantly more energy absorption than the sewn-eye alone. In nearly all rope/knot combinations, the ratio of maximum arrest load (MAL) to breaking strength was lower with the knotted ropes when compared to the sewn-eye terminations. In particular, the quadruple overhand on a bite tied in the Technora–Technora rope resulted in MALs that were only 33 % of the minimum breaking strength (MBS). Ropes with sewn-eye terminations resulted in MALs that were 80 % of the MBS. From the scenarios investigated, the quadruple overhand on a bite provides a favorable reduction in arrest loads with the smallest associated loss of strength.
Issue Date:2015-04-07
Publisher:Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials
Citation Info:Martin, D.A., Boron, K., Obstalecki, M., Kurath, P., Horn, G.P. (2015), “Feasibility of Knots to Reduce the Maximum Dynamic Arresting Load in Rope Systems.” Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials, 1:214-224. DOI: 10.1007/s40870-015-0015-5.
Sponsor:This research was funded by the Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program’s Fire Prevention and Safety Grants through Grant # EMW-2008-FP-02504.
Rights Information:Copyright Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc 2015
Date Available in IDEALS:2018-10-26

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