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Title:Cumulative yearly CO2 emission by country
Author(s):Balaji, Divya
CO2 emissions
Carbon footprint

NOTE: This is a Tableau visualization.

The purpose of this visualization is to depict the cumulative growth in carbon dioxide emission levels over a 265-year period. Carbon dioxide is essential for life as it both absorbs and emits thermal radiation, which is integral to sustaining a habitable temperature for the planet. Since the Industrial Revolution, however, consumption of fossil fuels has increased at an alarming rate, disrupting the global carbon cycle and leading to a warming effect on the planet. There are numerous implications for global warming including extreme weather patterns, altered crop growth and disrupted sea levels. This entry provides a historical to present day perspective on how CO2 emissions have evolved to meet the demands of the growing population, and furthermore, how these emissions are distributed within the top ten biggest producers in the world. This diagram depicts the key drivers of carbon dioxide emission and holds the key to understanding possible avenues of mitigation of climate change.


World Bank

EDGAR - Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research

Issue Date:2018
Rights Information:Copyright 2018 Divya Balaji
Date Available in IDEALS:2019-02-07

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