HackCulture Spring 2019


The goal of HackCulture is to make working with data more accessible to all, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and help to build a community of peers and mentors across campus. The projects in this collection were created by student teams after they learned about data literacy, data cleaning, data analysis, and data visualization and communication over the course of four weeks.

First place winner: Food Inspections and Bias in Chicago

Second place: Comparing Cryptos

Third place: To dine or not to dine

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  • Chew, Ethan S.; Reid, Ian C.; Gupta, Mohit; Wang, Yongqing; Boonyarungsrit, Andrea A. (2019-03-01)
    Project Objective and Proposed Hypothesis: To assess the credibility of cryptocurrencies via using statistical methods to investigate potential relationships and correlations between select economic indicators. A currency’s ...


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  • Abner, Kayla A; Li, Jingjing; Garner, Catherine (2019-03-01)
    Final project for HackCulture 2019. Use of restaurant inspection and census data to visualize relationship between restaurant inspection practices and racial diversity in Chicago to indicate potential bias in inspection ...


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  • Lee, JinKyung; Lin, Lynda; Rivera-Quinones, Vanessa; Tang, Shuhui (2019-03-01)
    A visual exploration of Chicago food inspection dataset between 07/03/18 and 02/08/19 for HackCulture 2019.


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