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Title:Coarticulation dampening properties of the glottal stop
Author(s):Cabanlit, Tredayne B
Contributor(s):Barlaz, Marissa
Abstract:The acoustics of adjacent phonemes influence each other due to the interaction of the articulators in a process known as coarticulation. The glottal stop is a phoneme that is reported to not use any supralaryngeal articulators which makes it a candidate for being a phoneme that can dampen coarticulation effects of adjacent phonemes. I use acoustic data of the formants in vowels only preceded by a glottal stop and compare that data to those of vowels preceded by both a consonant and a glottal stop, in that order, to analyze the coarticulation dampening properties of the glottal stop. I look for non-significance for each of the first two formants between the different utterance conditions of either having a pre-glottal consonant or not to see if coarticulation is prevented in certain formants in the vowels depending on the place of articulation similarity with the pre-glottal stop consonant. I find that the glottal stop was able to dampen coarticulation effects from /g/ in the following vowels for all contexts except for /a/ in the onset position. This research challenges the “transparent” status of the glottal stop.
Issue Date:2018-04-22
Genre:Presentation / Lecture / Speech
Rights Information:Copyright 2019 Tredayne B Cabanlit
Date Available in IDEALS:2019-04-22

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