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Title:Waking Life
Author(s):Hock, Ryan
public domain
derivative works
comicolor cartoon
Ub Iwerks
rainbow parade cartoon
little audrey cartoons
Gillett, B.
Fleischer, D.

The Re-Mix it Competition was held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2019, celebrating the expansion of the public domain by encouraging students to create new, innovative works with items in the public domain. Submissions were judged on originality, sensory impact, and connection between the work and the public domain.

Author: Ryan Hock
Title: Waking Life
Place: 2nd

Description of how the work connects to the public domain, provided by the author:

‘Waking Life’ is a song by the band Old Sol, in which my twin brother is a part of. With their permission, I created a compilation of different animated cartoons from the public domain to piece together a narrative that goes along with the song. There are many different individual cartoons that appear, but I carefully combined them to create a singular piece that takes place in a dreamland. Or a state of ignoring the outside world by sleeping your days away. The song is the primary driving force behind the emotion and ideas presented in the video. The song also allows for different interpretation of the animations, making them appear much happier then when seen in their original state. The video places emphasis on a boy and a girl who escape from reality by finding happiness in their dreams. It starts with them entering and ends with them leaving dreamland. The song and video are intended to be happy, but also leave interpretation for what happens when the song and video end, and these characters must deal with their lives, and not run from it.

Citations of public domain works used:
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Issue Date:2019-03-15
Date Available in IDEALS:2019-05-06

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