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Title:Monster Study
Author(s):Gartman, Elizabeth
Subject(s):Tudor, Mary
The Monster Study
Stuttering in children
human experimentation ethics
musical scores
public domain
derivative works

The Re-Mix it Competition was held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2019, celebrating the expansion of the public domain by encouraging students to create new, innovative works with items in the public domain. Submissions were judged on originality, sensory impact, and connection between the work and the public domain.

Author: Elizabeth Gartman
Title: Monster Study
Place: 1st

Description of how the work connects to the public domain, provided by the author:

"Monster Study" directly incorporates texts from Mary Tudor’s masters thesis published by the University of Iowa in 1939, as well as segments of two newspaper articles written on the experiment decades after it took place. The piece abruptly alternates between sections of the experiment report from sampled texts recorded by children in the study to experiment methods, results, and, finally, long-term impact. The soprano vocal lines depict Mary at different times throughout the experiment. Not only does the text drive the dramatic arc of the work, but textual lines are considered and set with pure sonic elements of each word in mind. Viola and cello drive transitions between musical sections of the work and support the vocal textures above. The climax of the piece depicts Mary Tudor looking back on the experiment, at which point it is revealed the experiment was controversial from the beginning in the eyes of Mary’s mentor, Dr. Johnson, who refused to personally publish this thesis written by his specially-selected female student.

Recording available at:

Citations of public domain works used:
Tudor, Mary. "An experimental study of the effect of evaluative labeling of speech fluency." MA (Master of Arts) thesis, State University of Iowa, 1939.
Dyer, Jim. "Ethics and Orphans: the 'Monster Study.'" San Jose Mercury News. 2010.
Reynolds, Gretchen. "The Stuttering Doctor's 'Monster Study." The New York Times Magazine. 2003.

Issue Date:2019-03-15
Date Available in IDEALS:2019-05-06

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