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Title:Keeping Their Minds Open: Recreational Drug Use Among U.S. College Students as They Explore the Self, and Meanings and Purpose in Life Through Bong Rips and Leisurely Trips
Author(s):Fratila, Iulia
Subject(s):Recreation, Sport and Tourism
Abstract:In our study, we interviewed 16 full-time U.S. college students about the roles of drugs in their leisure pursuits, productivity patterns, and lastly, how drugs impacted their perceptions of the social order and the self. Confined, as it is in society, the marijuana in the jar represents the student's negotiations of societal constraints around drug use and their own perceptions and lived experiences of drug use as safe and normal under the right circumstances (e.g. in comfortable settings, being trusted companions, enlisting a sober group member). The picture, which reads "keep your mind open" and the marijuana, situated under the bright light, represent the introspective nature of the drug use experience that leads to both positive and negative meaningful self-reappraisals for students. Although not a participant in our study, Bob Marley was once quoted saying, "when you smoke the herb it reveals you to yourself." The desk is not only symbolic of the college environment but also shows how different students establish times for using recreational drugs, and for some that would be strictly during their leisure pursuits or free time, while for a few students recreational drugs (i.e. marijuana specifically) serves as an aid to their productivity and work.
Issue Date:2019
Rights Information:Copyright 2019 Iulia Fratila
Date Available in IDEALS:2019-05-07

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