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Title:Violin vibrato tone synthesis: Time-scale modification and additive synthesis
Author(s):Ding, Yizhen
Contributor(s):Beauchamp, James
Subject(s):music signal processing
vibrato synthesis
time-scaling modification
additive synthesis
Abstract:This thesis reports on the development of a program to synthesize music based on real violin vibrato tones. General time-scale modification methods cannot deal with vibrato tones because they are not able to preserve vibrato rates while modifying tone duration. Vibrato parameterization, time-scale modification, and additive synthesis were used to overcome this limitation. The analysis and synthesis process can be divided into several steps: First, to analyze a single tone we extract the frequency and amplitude information for each harmonic and each time frame using either the harmonic frequency McAulay-Quatieri (MQHF) method or the phase-vocoder (PV) analysis method. Then we identify the attack and decay portions of the resulting time-varying harmonic envelopes. Next for the time region between the attack and decay we parameterize the analysis file using three time-varying parameters: vibrato rate, vibrato amplitude, and mean value. These are applied to both the amplitude and the frequency of each harmonic. For the duration of each synthesized tone, the synthesized frequency and amplitude data are calculated by stretching or compressing the magnitude and frequency parameters while preserving the modulation rate and the attack, and decay. Finally, sounds are converted to the time domain by adding the sinusoidal components together. To make music, a score file is written in the Notepro alphanumeric language, which resembles conventional music notation. This translates into a Music 4C score file that includes the start time, duration, pitch, amplitude, vibrato rate and analysis file for each note. By using all of the methods described above, a Music 4C program was made to synthesize a piece of violin music according to a given score file.
Issue Date:2019-05
Date Available in IDEALS:2019-06-13

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