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Title:Science Gateway Use Cases, version 1.1
Author(s):Marru, Suresh; Alameda, Jay; Gunathilake, Lahiru; Liu, Yan; Martin, Stuart; Middleton, Don; Palencia, Josephine; Pamidighantam, Sudhakar; Pierce, Marlon; Schwartz, Terri; Singh, Raminder; Thompson, Chris; Uram, Tom; Wang, Shaowen; Wilkins‐Diehr, Nancy; Xu, Haiying
Contributor(s):Liming, R. Lee
use cases
science gateway
data movement
job submission
high-performance computing
high-throughput computing
file transfer
Abstract:These use cases describe how research communities use community computing resources to power their "science gateways," supporting the specialized needs of research fields, communities of practice, and joint initiatives. Science gateways are applications—most often web-based—that are used by groups of researchers with similar needs. Each gateway is developed and operated by one or more leaders in the research field who applies for an allocation to serve the community. Gateways can also help researchers who have their own allocations by providing a more customized, user-friendly interface.
Issue Date:2019-08-22
Series/Report:Science Gateway Use Cases, v1.1
Genre:Technical Report
Working / Discussion Paper
Sponsor:National Science Foundation, OCI-1053575
Date Available in IDEALS:2019-08-22

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