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Title:Review of the book: Learning as development: Rethinking international education in a changing world;
Review of the book: Learning as development: Rethinking international education in a changing world
Author(s):Akinrinola, Ademola; Ogwal, Susan; McCarthy, Cameron
Subject(s):International Education
Abstract:In Learning as Development, Daniel A. Wagner offers a timely intervention in the discussion of what cluster of policies and orientations might help accelerate stalled processes in underdeveloped countries in order to foster change and growth. Since the decade after WWII, this area of research has fallen under the banner of what is called development, and its related disciplinary field came to be known as development studies. Wagner, despite his protestation, is writing in this tradition even as he seeks to condemn and revise it. A starting point for the author, then, is the way in which development is imagined in the first place, and the traditional paradigm which stresses indices of economic growth and education expansion as the sine qua non of societal modernization and maturity. In this development model, the strength or weakness of a nation’s economy determines its overall level of growth as measured by GNP, GDP per capita, etc., the implication being that economic growth and expansion result in the diffusion and wide dissemination of social and economic rewards and enhanced quality of life among citizens of developing countries. But this development model, as Wagner argues in the book, is not sustainable; it bypasses too many sectors of the poor, non‑urban, and minority language groups who are outside the reach of central government powers and corporate entities that both absorb and distribute material rewards unequally in the third world. Wagner explores case after case in which “vital resources may or may not ‘trickle down’ to fulfil the needs and values of ordinary individuals” (p. 2).
Issue Date:2018-10-01
Publisher:Teachers College Record
Citation Info:Akinrinola, A., Ogwal, S., & McCarthy, C. (2018). Review of the book Learning as Development: Rethinking International Education in a Changing World. Teachers College Record
Date Available in IDEALS:2019-11-19

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