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Title:Tunable Luminescent Carbon Nanospheres with Well-Defined Nanoscale Chemistry for Synchronized Imaging and Therapy
Author(s):Scott, John W.
Abstract:Major advances in the medical field have shortened surgical recovery times from weeks to only a few days. Reducing the size of the surgical incision is one key to this breakthrough. However, to decrease the incision size, the diagnostic and therapeutic tools must become smaller too. The theranostic nanoplatform was developed to address that issue, but to date, several methodologies have been developed with materials that have low biodegradability and biocompatibility, and thus cannot be clinically tested. In addition, many require awkward synthesis or tedious purification processes, making them difficult to scale up to the large quantities needed for clinical use. To be effective, theranostic nanoplatforms must target a specific cell, have controlled drug release, and have robust sensors or imaging functionality to overcome physical barriers to in vivo diagnostics and therapy. To develop a theronostic nanoplatform that is viable for clinical testing, ISTC’s senior chemist John Scott partnered with University of Illinois researchers to develop a tunable luminescent carbon nanoparticles (LCN) that could be used as a theronostic nanoplatform that has both optical signaling and pharmacokinetic properties. Results published in Mukherjee, P., Misra, S.K., Gryka, M.C., Chang, H.‐H., Tiwari, S., Wilson, W.L., Scott, J.W., Bhargava, R. and Pan, D. (2015), Tunable Luminescent Carbon Nanospheres with Well‐Defined Nanoscale Chemistry for Synchronized Imaging and Therapy. Small, 11: 4691-4703. doi:10.1002/smll.201500728
Issue Date:2014
Publisher:Champaign, IL : Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
Series/Report:Pollutants -- PPCPs in the Environment
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-01-16

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