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Title:Preserving Privacy in Cyber-physical-social systems: An Anonymity and Access Control Approach
Author(s):Sharma,Tanusree; Bambenek, John C.; Bashir, Masooda
Subject(s):CPSS, Data privacy and security in CPSS, Access Control, Anonymity Model.
Abstract:With the significant development of mobile commerce, the integration of physical, social, and cyber worlds is increasingly common. The term Cyber Physical Social Systems is used to capture technology’s human-centric role. With the revolutionization of CPSS, privacy protections become a major concern for both customers and enterprises. Although data generalization by obfuscation and anonymity can provide protection for an individual’s privacy, overgeneralization may lead to less-valuable data. In this paper, we contrive generalization boundary techniques (k-anonymity) to maximize data usability while minimizing disclosure with a privacy access control mechanism. This paper proposes a combination of purpose-based access control models with an anonymity technique in distributed computing environments for privacy preserving policies and mechanisms that demonstrate policy conflicting problems. This combined approach will provide protections for individual personal information and make data sharable to authorized party with proper purposes. Here, we have examined data with k-anonymity to create a specific level of obfuscation that maintains the usefulness of data and used a heuristic approach to a privacy access control framework in which the privacy requirement is to satisfy the k-anonymity. The extensive experiments on both real-world and synthetic data sets show that the proposed privacy aware access control model with k- anonymity is practical and effective. It will generate an anonymized data set in accordance with the privacy clearance of a certain request and allow users access at different privacy levels, fulfilling some set of obligations and addressing privacy and utility requirements, flexible access control, and improved data availability, while guaranteeing a certain level of privacy.
Issue Date:2020-01-06
Citation Info:Sharma, T., Bambenek, J. C., & Bashir, M. (2020). Preserving Privacy in Cyber-physical-social systems: An Anonymity and Access Control Approach. Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Cyber-Physical Social Systems co-located with the 9th International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT 2019) (pp. 16-21). Bilbao, Spain:
Series/Report:ISSN 1613-0073
Genre:Conference Proceeding (whole)
Rights Information:Copyright © 2019 for the individual papers by the papers' authors. Copyright © 2019 for the volume as a collection by its editors. This volume and its papers are published under the Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-01-16

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