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Title:Acts of aggression by nesting geese
Author(s):Askren, Ryan
Subject(s):Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Abstract:A male Canada goose vigorously defending his female during a nest check in an urban parking lot. Giant Canada geese now have many positive and negative connotations across the country but were near extinction early in the 19th century. Reintroduction efforts and ability to thrive in urban environments have led to increases in their populations. Abundances of Canada geese are economically important as a games species and serve important ecological roles. However, their ability to thrive in close proximity to humans has been associated with a range of conflicts. their feces, risk to air traffic, and direct attacks by nesting geese on humans. The photographer's research use GPS transmitters and remote biosensing to examine behavioral trade-offs geese make in cities versus rural areas.
Issue Date:2020
Rights Information:Copyright 2020 Ryan Askren
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-04-13

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