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Title:Happy failures!
Author(s):Garcia Mainieri, Javier
Contributor(s):Okte, Egemen
Subject(s):Civil and Environmental Engineering
Abstract:Research is often plagued with failures, do-overs and obstacles that seem to lead nowhere. This test was a failure. Data obtained from it was useless and the test had to be re-done. Recording pictures after each test is an obstacle that I have to endure because of what seemed to be a capricious comment in a project meeting. ​ This is asphalt in a dynamic shear rheometer plate after a fatigue test. It’s relevant to study asphalt failure when subject to repetitive loading because such is what happens on real roads. In a great deal of scenarios asphalt is what fails, and not the rocks it binds together, when pavement cracks. ​ Asphalt was not supposed to break off from the plate on this test, taking pictures was a way to catch when this happened. Not so capricious, but necessary after all.​ This could be the face of the material I work with every day, laughing at my persistent intent of failing over and over again in different and novel kinds of ways, or maybe…just a happy failure, and a lesson learned. Every day I have to do re-runs I get to choose one. Encouragingly, most days I choose the second.​
Issue Date:2020
Rights Information:Copyright 2020 Javier Garcia Mainieri
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-04-13

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