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Title:Electronic ripples in ion-irradiated graphene
Author(s):Kononov, Alina
Abstract:Delicate ripples flow through the electrons in graphene after impact by an ion, reminiscent of the patterns formed when a raindrop lands in a still puddle. Graphene is composed of a single layer of carbon atoms; it's an ultrathin flake of graphite, the material comprising pencil "lead". Because their electrons are so confined, two-dimensional materials like graphene have unique properties which hold promise for innovations in solar cells, flexible electronics, water desalination, and even quantum computing. However, these applications rely on precise control of defects in atomic structure: either avoiding them to maintain a pristine material or intentionally introducing them to alter properties. Both cases depend on high-resolution imaging and patterning techniques, which typically involve ion beams. With the ultimate goal of improving ion beam techniques and enabling technological advancements based on atomically thin materials, my research uses cutting-edge computational tools to perform extremely accurate simulations of these materials under ion-irradiation. In the process, we uncover beautiful parallels between the quantum world of electrons and the macroscopic world of our daily lives.
Issue Date:2020
Rights Information:Copyright 2020 Alina Kononov
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-04-14

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