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The Prairie Research Institute houses five state scientific surveys — Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS), the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS), the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS), the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC), and the Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS). The Institute was established in 2008 as the Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability within the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Institute's mission is "to provide objective integrated scientific research and service, in cooperation with other academic and research units of the University of Illinois and elsewhere, that allow citizens and decision-makers to make choices that assure sustainable economic development and enduring environmental quality for the people, businesses, and governments of Illinois."

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  • Windows-Yule, Kit (2020-11-19)
    Abstract: The plastic waste crisis is one of the great global challenges facing modern society. In this talk, we discuss a new technology designed to recycle mixed plastic waste, converting it into new, virgin-quality ...


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  • Lin, Y.F.; Stumpf, A.; Frailey, S.; Okwen, R.; Lu, Y.; Holcomb, F.; Tinjum, J.; Stark, T.; Damico, J.; Elrick, S.; Fisher, K.; Fu, W.; Garner, D.; Hammock, C.; Kirksey, J.; Korose, C.; Lin, J.; Lin, Z.; McKaskle, R.; Nelson, J.; Salih, H.; Thomas, L.; Urlaub, J.; Vance, A.; Yang, F. (Champaign, IL: Illinois State Geological Survey, Prairie Research Institute, 2020)
    This feasibility study is the first assessment of geothermal resources in the Illinois Basin (ILB). The breadth of previous, geologic-based research in the ILB supported this thorough determination of geothermal resources ...


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  • Schleich, Katharine L.; Ackerman, Jessica R.; Pociask, Geoffrey E. (Champaign, Ill.: Illinois State Geological Survey, Prairie Research Institute, 2019)
    In March 2018, the Wetlands Geology Section at the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) began a study to characterize the hydrogeology and assess stream bank erosion at a parcel along Franklin Creek in Franklin Creek ...


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  • Small, Brian; Rajagopalan, Nandakishore; Quagrainie, Kwamena (2015)
    A considerable quantity of saline water is available in Illinois to support the needs of a marine aquaculture industry. The sources vary from isolated, deep rock aquifers to industrial effluents. In the present study, ...


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  • (2015)
    The ISTC Grant Program funded the following projects in fiscal years 2015 and 2016 in conjunction with ISTC’s goal of saving Illinois one billion gallons of water. Results of the projects will be shared via case studies, ...


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